Gal Yam – Marine works Ltd, was established in 1987 by Mr. Ilan Nixon, a veteran specialist in diving and marine works since 1973. Gal Yam provides a wide range of marine and underwater works solutions, by means of diverse equipment operated by an experience and reliable staff.
·         Large tugs, open sea tugs, service lunches and barges of various sizes, floatin cranes, etc.

The existing diving equipment are the most modern and sophisticated available, among them: Surface supply system (KM-37 helmets), video and still digital cameras, NDT equipment, hydraulic power tools, contaminated  water diving gear, underwater welding and cutting tools and floating equipment.

Our crane and shore equipment include hydraulic and mechanical cranes from 25 tons up to 80 tons' welding generators, air compressors, generators, a range of submersible and diaphragm pumps from 2" up to 14".

·         Pollution treatment and preventing equipment: oil skimmers, floating contaminated booms, oil blocks, oil absorbing felts, etc.

·         The company consist of qualified, experienced and personalizes service oriented staff in the fields of diving, mechanics, welding, engineering, etc., the majority of them served in elite divisions of the Israeli Navy and work in our company for a long period of time.

·         We can offer the following marine services: towing vessels including international towage, harbors construction and maintenance, transport of goods on sea by barges, ship's salvage, caring and maintenance of marine mooring  systems, mooring of vessels including piloting services, underwater demolition and special EOD services, lifting of cargos at sea up to 120  tons by means of floating cranes and maintenance of submerge communication cable lines.

·          We can also perform ships repairs at sea, maintenance of vessels, routing treatment of water and sewage reservoirs, special surveys including video filming and stills photos presented attached to high level reports, underwater welding and cutting and maintenance services to sea cage farms.

·         The combination between the diverse tools and equipment that we have at our disposal and the excellent, experienced and specialized staff, allows us to offer to our clients efficient and wide range solutions in the marine works field.







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